Frequently Asked Questions

I lost my account information card that was sent to me in the mail, how do I get a replacement card?

Please call the branch where your account resides. A customer representative will gladly mail you a replacement after checking to verify your current and correct contact information.

Why do I need this account information card?

It has the branch mailing address and contact information on it along with your loan account # and monthly payment amount. It also has the lien holder address if you should change insurance companies prior to trading or paying off the loan balance.

Do you send out monthly coupon books or statements?

We will send you out a coupon book if requested, just call the branch and ask for one. We do not mail out monthly statements. The account information card is usually what most people need unless they wish to mail us a check each month along with a monthly coupon from the coupon book.

Does Carolina Finance, LLC accept cash payments?

We do not accept cash payments. We have many other forms of payment options listed on this website, several of which do not have associated fees.

Is there a grace period regarding my due date?

There is no grace period regarding a due date. However, if you are going to be a few days late because of pay periods, etc. Please call the branch (email or texting is available also) to let them know and they will enter a promise date on your account to keep it in good standing. If you forget to contact us, you will likely receive a phone call from a customer representative trying to get arrangements.

Why am I getting a letter saying I do not have car insurance and my payment is going up?

If you get such a letter, it could be for several reasons. First, please check to make sure your insurance agent has the correct lien holder information and is sending an updated copy of your policy to that address. Please also make sure that you have both liability and collision insurance to cover the vehicle we financed as long as it is still an open loan with us. It is a requirement of your loan contract to keep ​comprehensive and collision coverage for as long as we have your loan financed.

I would like to trade my vehicle, can I get financing on another vehicle?

We can certainly help with that. Please call the branch and ask to speak with a loan officer about financing a different vehicle. They will ask you some questions and review your account history and advise you of your options from there. We have a large network of local dealers we can recommend.

Is there any penalty to pay off the loan early?

There is no penalty to pay off any loan with Carolina Finance early.

Does Carolina Finance, LLC offer warranty coverage or other service related products?

Carolina Finance, LLC does offer warranty coverage for approved situations where the payment remains affordable. We also finance dealer warranties as well. Another product that can be financed but is in no way required is Gap coverage. Gap coverage helps cover the difference in what an insurance company would pay if your vehicle got totaled and the loan balance.

How do I get a loan with Carolina Finance, LLC?

Carolina Finance, LLC has a network of dealers (both franchise and Independent) that do business with us. Please contact a local Carolina Finance branch nearest you and ask for a loan officer to help you with suggesting many of the dealers we do business with. If we are not signed up with a particular dealer you would like to purchase a vehicle from, please suggest us to that dealer. A list of branch locations and contact information is linked to our home page.

During the term of the loan can I refinance to get a lower rate or payment?

Carolina Finance, LLC does not refinance existing loans. Please call the branch and speak to a loan officer if you have questions about the terms of your loan contract.